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Maintenance Services

Drawing upon our experience in serving a wide range of customers, Silicon Valley Landscape (SVL) has developed extensive experience in everything from regular maintenance and water management, to seasonal color and tree care. Our goal is to make certain that the value of a customer’s landscape investment appreciates through appropriate care and noticeable improvements.

Our experienced horticulturalists, foremen, and maintenance personnel can proudly apply any of the following services to any landscaping maintenance project.

Maintenance Services
• Exterior and Interior Landscape Maintenance
• Landscape Renovation / Enhancement
• Seasonal Color Design and Installation
• Turf and Ornamental Maintenance
• Water Management and Irrigation
• Fertilization and Mulch Application
• Weed and Pest Management
• Parking Lot / Pavement Cleaning
• Tree and Plant Health Care

Silicon Valley Landscape has served our needs for over 25 years. They are a trusted partner and a company that has shown total commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.
  Janet Kahle, President
Palo Alto Greenhouse H.O.A.

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