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Maintenance Services

Environmental & Irrigation Practices
Silicon Valley Landscape takes the environment very seriously. All of our services are tailored to minimize impact and to work within the guideline of a community. Examples include mulch mowing, a technique used to return nutrients to the soil, reduce fertilizer runoffs, and conserve landfill space. We also focus on water conservation activities, effective blower use polices, as well as adhering to spare the air days when necessary.

An important area of concern for both clients and SVL is water management and conservation. As a leader in landscape management, we are taking an active role in addressing this issue by providing detailed irrigation reports and water audits to pinpoint deficiencies in irrigation systems.

The goal of this practice is to provide valuable irrigation information to ensure that water is used more cost effectively. Through SVL’s irrigation practices customers have realized a savings of literally thousands of dollars a year.

Silicon Valley Landscape has served our needs for over 25 years. They are a trusted partner and a company that has shown total commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.
  Janet Kahle, President
Palo Alto Greenhouse H.O.A.

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